"It changed my life"


Prior to coming to Brickyard I was a bit out of shape. I suffered from sciatica, back pain, muscle cramps and plantar fasciitis. I made an appointment for my annual physical and to make things even worse I was told I had high cholesterol . I made excuses every day about my eating habits and not getting to the gym. On May 20, 2018 I walked into Brickyard and that day changed my life, I was approached by a happy, energetic individual named Melissa and her husband Giovanni and they showed me the gym and asked if I was interested in joining. Melissa said to try it out for 6 weeks and after that it was history. When I started at Brickyard I was 220lbs and after a year I dropped down to 178lbs and 19% Body Fat, I no longer suffered from sciatica, back pain, muscle cramps or plantar fasciitis. It is because of the coaches at Brickyard that help me get back to being myself. The coaches are dedicated and give the members their all every day, their enthusiasm keeps me coming back, I am a product of their commitment. Brickyard is an amazing environment. Its been a journey that I wished I started years ago. The coaches have taught me about health and wellness and put me on the road to a healthy lifestyle. I am so grateful to Melissa Saravia, Melissa Llanos, Giovanni Saravia, Mario, Steven and Chrissy for everything they have done for me and the knowledge they have given me. I love Brickyard and I am so happy to be part of the Brickyard Family!! THANK YOU!!!

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