Crosstraining is a class that will train and test you on all spectrum’s.  We work on developing your Stabilization, Strength, Endurance, Speed and Power.  Crosstraining is varied functional  movements performed at high intensity.  In this class you will work on various lifts, we will train you on proper movements and form.  In addition to the distinct lifts our workouts include varied elements.  These workouts are  high intensity workouts that include Gymnastics, Weight and Metabolic Conditioning components.   We use Ropes, Rowers, Jump Ropes, Med Balls, Kettle-balls, Ring Dips, Burpees, Handstands, Box Jumps and that is just some of the few.  Every workout is different and all programmed to develop you in all areas.  These workouts will not only help you make improvements physically, but it will help you with everyday functional movements.  You will be able to do more,  have more energy and just overall feel better .  Everyone can do these classes as we will modify the workouts so you can do these workouts with the rest of the member’s.  Remember you have to start at the bottom to make it to the top.  Challenge yourself , we will be there to help through every obstacle.  You might just not want to ever go back to a  regular gym ever again!!


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Group Classes

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Class Options

  •  2 Classes per week(Limited): 135 per month
  • 6 Month Unlimited Classes per week: 185 per month
  • 12 Month Unlimited Classes per week: 165 per month
  • Unlimited Monthly(No Contract): 195 per month
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Private Coaching

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  • Intro to Fitness
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  • One on One Customized Training
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Customized App to help you track all your goals
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Fitness Assessment
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