6 Week Challenge

Come Join Us!

Price: $200

Event Date:March 9th, 2020 12:00 am

The word is out, we are offering 10 spots for anyone to join Brickyard’s 6 Week COMMIT TO BE FIT Challenge.

Sign up TODAY, this starts on 03/09 and ends 04/17.  The Cost is ONLY $200.  Go to our HOME PAGE and reserve your spot now.


This is a 6 Week Commitment to change your life for the long haul.  This is not a temporary fix or diet to loose weight.  We want you to FEEL BETTER, have  more ENERGY and get Stronger.

We will help you to commit to living a healthier lifestyle not only with the food you eat but also challenging you to work out on a regular basis.

We will provide you the tools to jumpstart your road to success.

What does this entail?

1.) We will start with Rebooting your system (3 Days) to get your body ready to make the changes necessary to get you back on track.

2.) After you complete your Reboot you will schedule an individualized meeting with our Certified Nutritionist, who will be able to help you with your customized goals.

3.) You will have access to all of our classes and as many classes as you want to attend(UNLIMITED)

4.) 2 Personal Training Session one on one with our NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

5.) We will provide you a customized App just for this event, you will interact with members, log your food, your fitness and every day there will be a new challenge, just for you!!

6.) You will track your success and be able to interact with all the members and hold yourself accountable with an App that we have customized just for you all via your phone.

There will be a WINNER for this Event.  Its simple the more times you come to class and stay focused on Healthy Eating the closer you are to winning.

We PROMISE THESE 6 WEEKS will be exciting, fun and life-changing.


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